Dear Journal,

On Saturday my Goldball team won the first game by the score of one hundred and six to nineteen. I was the player who made the one hundredth point. I scored fourteen points. Our high scorer was Keith Miller and he had twenty six. We lost out last two games on Saturday. The second game I scored eleven, and the third game I scored only two. The last two games were a Mt. Hood tournament. We played another game on Sunday. We were town thirty one to twelve. For the first half we were playing man to man defense. Our coach didn't like the results so we went to a zone trap. We scored twenty straight points. We would steal the ball right and left. Scott Rhoten and Adam Steele both fouled out in the fourth quarter. They were our two big men, and Keith, our other big man, was at the Blazer game. So Mike Anderson and I had to play post. We had the ball with eight seconds left. We threw into Justin Hill and only one second had gone by when a kid fouled him. The kid didn't like the call and slammed the ball down on the ground. He also got a technical foul and Justin had a chance for four free throws. He bagged them all, putting us up four. We, of course, won.

Am I the only one that would get excited when you got to play a position you didn't normally play. Didn't matter the sport, as long as you got to play a different position. Playing the post in basketball was especially exciting because I liked to think I was taller than I really was. The funny thing is I didn't even really hit my growth spurt until the summer before 8th grade. I grew an inch a month over that summer. Yes, I was super awkward and tripped a lot.


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