We're just over the halfway mark of the 2017 NFL season, and it's certainly been an interesting season. The Eagles have the best record in the league. The Jaguars are... good? The Giants are... awful! Here are some mind blowing stats from this season in the NFL.

  1. When the Jaguars beat the Chargers this past weekend, Blake Bortles became the first quarterback to ever throw two interceptions in the final two minutes, and still win the game.
  2. Jared Goff and the Rams are the surprise team, or one of the the surprise teams, this season. And Goff currently has the second largest improvement in passing rating from one year to the next. Nick Foles is number one in that category.
  3. Interceptions on back to back snaps this season has happened twice. They were thrown by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown.
  4. The Colts traded for quarterback Jacoby Brissett just before the season and he's already done something Manning never did. Throw touchdown passes of 60 yards or more 4 times in a season.
  5. The Toilet Bowl happened this past weekend between the Giants and 49ers. The Niners won and it was their first win in over 700 days over a team not named the Rams.
  6. Cam Newton is either really good, or really bad. His passer ratings this season are either above 120 or below 87.5.
  7. Joe Flacco earned himself a huge contract a few years ago when the Ravens won the Super Bowl. That hasn't worked out well for the Ravens. He currently has more completions for negative yards this year than completions for 20 or more yards.
  8. With Tom Brady completing a touchdown pass to Dwayne Allen on Sunday Night, he's now thrown touchdowns to 68 different players over his career. Vinny Testaverde has the record with 70.
  9. Brown's head coach Hue Jackson's record with the team is a horrendous 1 and 24, or a .040 winning percentage. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (a former Browns head coach) would have to lose 610 straight games to match that winning percentage.
  10. Despite being o and 9, the Browns have out-gained their opponents in half of their games.
  11. After the Patriots beat the Broncos on Sunday, no team has a winning record against New England during the Belichick era. And only three have .500 records. The Giants, Packers, and Panthers.
  12. The New Orleans Saints are only the second team in NFL history to lose their first 2 games and then rattle off a seven game win streak. The other team? The 1993 Dallas Cowboys. They went on to win the Super Bowl.

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