Pyote Army Base, also known as Rattlesnake Bomber Base, is pretty much an old, decapitated, spooky looking cluster of building skeletons out in the middle of nowhere. It was a WWII US Army Air Forces training airbase. It's about a mile from the town of Pyote and about twenty miles west of Monahans. After WWII thousands of reserve aircraft were stored there, one of which was the B-29 "Enola Gay".  If you ever decide to follow suite and Field Trip Friday with me this is the perfect place to start. Just be very, very careful. It didn't get the nickname "Rattlesnake Bomber Base" for nothing! Here is a link if you want some additioal info. Oh p.s. not very long ago, within weeks in fact, the Pyote Army Base was for sale for the low, low price of  $25,000!!!! Pretty sure someone scooped that steal up by now, I know I sure wanted to!

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