Have you been a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan? If so, you've probably had to deal with people in your life who delight in your misery whenever the Cowboys lose (ie: the past decade).  I'm speaking of course about ... Cowboys-Haters.

Be they co-workers, friends or even family, these people have never passed up a chance to remind you how long it's been since the Boys have been to a Superbowl or the number of career playoff wins Tony Romo has (2. The answer is 2).

But, maybe you've noticed an interesting phenomenon. A few more people wearing hats with stars on them. Maybe a few more jerseys being worn.

Yes, the Cowboy Bandwagon is starting to fill up. If you've got a Hater in your life just make sure you have them fill out the appropriate paperwork. The Cowboys organization has helpfully provided an Official Cowboys Bandwagon Fan Application Form.  You can download as many copies as you need and distribute them to all the "new" fans as you see fit.

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