Now this is a feather in your cap to start the year! Shallow Side's debut disc I arrives this Friday (Jan. 13), but thanks to an early jump on the disc in 2016, the band was voted as the Best New Artist by Loudwire's readers in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards.

Fans turned out en masse to propel Shallow Side to the win, with the band taking nearly half of the final vote. Stitched Up Heart finished second in the voting, while Prophets of Rage also put up solid voting totals to place third.

The Alabama-based upstarts have made their mark on the Loudwire Battle Royale Video Countdown with their successive videos for "Rebel" and their cover of Styx's "Renegade," which has generated a solid buzz for the upcoming full-length disc. It's definitely a promising start for these newcomers.

Congrats to Shallow Side on their win for Best New Artist in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards.

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