The social media person with the Lubbock Police Department is on fire.

This time around they went full Adele and quoted the hitmaker's song when describing a recent speeding incident. After a few lyrics though, it was time to get serious.

Seriously, who drives 111 miles per hour on the Marsha Sharp Freeway? What kind of speed-freak dumbassery is this? If your bowels ain't leaking, then there's no excuse for this. As a matter of fact, a full-on storm in your britches is no excuse for this. I'm just going to go ahead and say it: at least some drunk drivers try to be careful, even though that's one of the most horrible things you could do.

Losing control of your car at a high speed is such an easy thing to do. One little over-correction and your mommy and daddy are setting up a GoFundMe page. What could cause you to overcorrect? Well, I constantly see animals, trash and even super-slow drivers on our highways. Heck, at 111 mph you could reach over to turn up the radio and flip your car over a dozen times.

Now, onto the Lubbock Police Department's Facebook person.

While I recognized the Adele lyrics, could you maybe use "Highway to Hell" next time? That whole part about "no stop signs, speed limits" might give people a lot of belly laughs.

"Breaking The Law" by Judas Priest is also a natural fit. Could you maybe change that Def Leppard song to "Bringing on the Carwreck"? Or maybe Pink Floyd's song to "Comfortably Dumb"? Oh, and there's "Mama I'm Coming Home (In a Body Bag)" by Ozzy. Anyways, LPD, feel free to call me for a consult the next time you see some of this jackassery.

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