As a local musician myself, I always promised myself that if  I were ever in a position to help out local musicians and venues, I would. Here I am several years later, managing a local rock radio station so I guess you could say, LOOK MA! I MADE IT! Lol seriously though, I want to help show some love to our local music scene and here's how you can help me do it.

If you're in a local band and you're having a show this weekend, hit 99.9 KBAT up via facebook messenger, and Fridays in the lunch hour I will announce the details on the air. We have a lot of talent in the Basin and I think more people should know about it. People say there's nothing to do here. I say, they just don't know where to look. Share this with a musician and help me spread the word.

lol one last thing....if your band has a weird spelling or name, please explain how to pronounce it so I don't sound dumb on the air hahahaha.

- Doc Brown

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