So I was minding my own business at Panda Express yesterday.  You know, just eating my delicious endangered Panda meat in peace. About 10 minutes into my meal I look up and see 3 high school boys in line minding their own business and talking among themselves. One of them turns to speak to the cashier and I see that he has this on his arm. It's an almost perfectly heart shaped birth mark. Me being the weirdo I am, walk up and ask him if I can take a picture of it to put it up on KBAT's website.

Being a 16 year old kid, I think he was probably wondering why this weird old dude was even speaking to him but he agreed to let me post this up. For that, I say thank you good sir. I hope his Panda was as delicious and as express as mine was. Thanks for being a good sport. I don't thinkhe realizes how popular that'll be with the ladies one day.

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