I've always been extra, if you know me at all you already know that. Extra with parties, holidays, celebrations, decorations, my kids school projects, literally everything. You may think I go all out for everything but the truth is I'm holding back all the time. That's right, if I was operating on the level I really wanted to you'd see what my true extra looks like. I'd have themed parties for the premier of all of my favorite shows, not just one get together for one show every now and then.... I'd do what I've always wanted and turn one of the rooms in my house into the ultimate pink, glitter, craft, dressing room on the planet...I'd pimp out my back patio with all kinds of sound activated party lights and DJ strobes and wireless bluetooth speakers...I'd turn my room into a pimp ass boudoir (hope boudoir means cool room to chill in).... I would fill my home with eccentricity in every single room...art that my family has created like Star Wars canvas paintings, scary movie memorabilia, true crime stuff, UNICORNS, GLITTER AND PINK!!!!! as far as the eye could see. I would celebrate as many of the things that make me happy as I possible and I would do it to the mac, every day. The only thing I've always been that level of extra with is my son, and I mean, of course cause hello! He's my baby. From now on however, I'm going to be the me I want to be. I'm going to operate on the level that's truly me on the inside and do you want to know why? We don't know what kind of future is ahead. We don't know what's going to happen from day to day. It's always been that way but recent events have proven it to us in a way that has made understanding it real. It's made us realize that our future isn't guaranteed, nothing is. So what aren't we loving each other like there's no tomorrow? Why aren't we doing things that make us happy while we can? Is painting a room in my house pink and covering every surface I see with glitter practical? No, I don't suppose it is, but would it hurt anyone if I did it? Is going all out for every holiday and having themed parties for things that make me happy like true crime shows or the new season of Stranger Things or National Unicorn Month (no I don't think it exists but it will after today) starting an adult coloring book club or a local true crime research group or a scary movie watch party or a crafting club necessary? No, it isn't. Starting or being a part of any of those things and others isn't exactly normal adult behavior, I know that. But is it going to hurt anyone? Is it going to effect anyone's life in a negative way that I have all pink kitchen appliances or that my bathroom is Jaws themed, or that my boys room is a mashup of Star Wars and Harry Potter, or that I have unicorns decorating the walls and rooms of my home? No, it isn't. So why are we all not living extra right now while we can? Why are we all not doing all the things that make us happy? Want to look like a fox in a bikini? Do it, start lifting weights or running or biking today. Wanna do a Bob Ross painting along with him instead of just watching? Get a canvas, paint brushes and some paint and jump in. Whatever it is that makes you happy do it, do it right now. Be extra. If it's not going to hurt anyone or effect anyone's life in a negative way then go on! Right now, I said git!

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