Tik tok screenshot

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Obviously Tik Tok is not the new Vine. I'm not saying I don't love me some Tik Tok but I've never laughed as hard as I have at some of the stuff I saw on Vine. There's no denying that Tik Tok is blowing up right now, mostly due to the pandemic. People are spending more time at home trying to figure out ways to keep themselves entertained and this app is just as good as any. I myself can spend hours with my face glued to the screen watching videos of anything from amazing makeup transformations to Wayne Brady and his fam busting out with all the latest dance moves. I'm following all kinds of celebrities actually and it's really cool to have an inside look at how comparatively normal most of thier lives are. J Low, Wayne Brady, various anime voice actors, Ruby Rose, Drake, Camilla Cabello, and my favorite, Leslie Jordan. I don't have many videos....YET, and they're not very good but if you're interested in seeing some balls deep, super dumb, flat out f*ckery you can find me here. Keep in mind it's all just fun, goofy, random stuff and most everyone is positive and uplifting towards each other so if you're looking to be a jerk go on ahead and don't.  Otherwise welcome to the fun! Oh and follow me and follow you back wether you have videos or not.