I saw a story today posted by The Midland Reporter Telegram that hurt my heart. The Beer Garden has officially closed for good. The wife and I have spent several nights out there singing karaoke and playing corn hole. This wouldn't be quite as sad if it were a chain, or just some bar. Beer Garden was always doing something different here in an area that often times seems "same ole same ole". With giant jenga and dog friendly days, they mixed it up a little. Personally, I'm gonna miss the beer. They had beer on tap that no one else did. The service was always friendly too. Most of all, they kept the lines clean so the beer tasted like it was supposed to. RIP Beer Garden. You will be missed. You can read the story from MRT here: https://www.mrt.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/The-Midland-Beer-Garden-permanently-closes-15261530.php?fbclid=IwAR1G5TmedVG4E4gYZa3nySMpuq5e1Qt-kx5kACCYRqBArBZ3J-FxFuUZ0zQ

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