It's safe to say there will be plenty of clown costumes on the streets this Halloween. One place you won't see them? Los Angeles School District schools.

From American Horror Story: Cult to the creepy and insanely popular Pennywise, clowns are having a huge moment in pop culture. One place where you won't be seeing them? Los Angeles School District Schools.

The district has decided to ban for the second year in a row all clown-related costumes and masks from schools this Halloween. Television and movies are full of the painted faced pranksters. Pinterest reported that clown make-up and costume ideas are up an incredible 941% this year. Even though it seems like any Halloween party you attend this year will have quite a few different clowns crawling around, Los Angeles Unified School District will be a safe zone for coulrophobics.

A school district spokesperson discussed the decision with Indiewire,

“The clown costumes were banned due to incidents that occurred when the suspects wore clown outfits, and posted the images on social media sites. This happened last October. These masks prompted warnings from law enforcement agencies around the region.”

Last October, there were stories all over Southern California of creepy clown sightings and even stories in Lancaster County of people dressed up as clowns chasing people with knives and filming it for their reactions. So even if you planned on being the skanky version of Pennywise, guess you better float over to another school district.

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