Seven albums in and Killswitch Engage are still going strong! With anticipation mounting for the release of Incarnate, the band has served up their second single, "Hate By Design," bolstered by a black and white video that captures their electric onstage energy. The song follows up "Strength of Mind," which was the first taste of new music that came shortly before the new year.

"Hate By Design" sees Killswitch Engage volley between playful rests at the start, heaping the tension on the listener before finally tearing into the verse. Frontman Jesse Leach screams, "We are born into this world / of hatred" and another rest ensues before he employs his clean voice to carry the message in the following lines. Plowing through tempo changes, the dual-threat singer adapts to the energy, exchanging his clean voice for barked vocals.

Lyrics have always been an crucial component of the metalcore titans' music as they make connections with their fans. Here, Leach delves into his personal life philosophy of preaching acceptance. The chorus drives this point home as he sings, "Hate by design / is destroying our lives" which also challenges listeners to break free from any pre-determined mold and "redefine your understanding."

Incarnate will be released through Roadrunner Records on March 11 and Killswitch Engage will be out on the road in support just five days after its release. The tour, which will go coast to coast, will see support come from Memphis May Fire and 36 Crazyfists. For a full list of dates, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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