Earlier this year, metalcore vets Killswitch Engage released Incarnate, an album bursting with the band's clever balance of aggression, tension and emotion. Singer Jesse Leach's personal and relatable lyrics have propelled tracks like "Hate By Design" and "Strength of the Mind" and his words get some intense visuals in the new music video (seen above) for "Cut Me Loose."

The lyrics to the song are despondent and ones of feeling restricted. The video captures the band fittingly playing in a barren, white-sand desert, mirroring the emotional impact of Leach's words. As the band releases their demons in the inhospitable climate, the video alternates back and forth to a clips of fire engulfing wooden furniture that has been knocked to the floor. We get the story as an immolated man is shown running in reverse and as the song continues, we learn the man doused himself in alcohol and set himself ablaze.

Fire so often symbolizes rebirth, cleansing and purification and the breakdown at the end of the song that finds Leach barking the title throughout aligns with this notion of sweeping it away and starting over.

The video, directed by Jeremy Danger and Travis Shinn, premiered via The Talkhouse, where Leach also discussed some of his favorite lyrics, cited lines from acts like Motorhead, the Clash, Bad Brains, Crass and more.

Speaking about Bad Brains' "Attitude," the singer noted how their words align with his lifestyle, stating, "Short, simple and to the point. This song is about having a positive state of mind (PMA — Positive Mental Attitude). What’s so great about it, though, is that it is the ultimate offense and defense to another human. I will keep a positive state of mind regardless of what you and your issues are. It’s like H.R. is saying, 'You can’t mess with me, I’m on my own vibe; take your nonsense elsewhere!' Words to live by for me!"

Killswitch Engage will be releasing Beyond the Flames: Home Video Part II this Friday (Nov. 25). The concert film / CD documents Leach's return to the band as well as his first stint with the group and the reasons leading up to that first departure. The release will also boast footage from 17 separate performances around the world and will be part of the Black Friday Record Store Day event.

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