Adam D. of Killswitch Engage doesn't let a little thing like a playing a song stop him from taking a shot during a show. When attending a rock show, a favorite song and a great beer go hand in hand for fans. And the same thing is true for the musicians who play those great songs for you. Some rockers may wait until after the show to take a shot, but not if your Adam D. of Killswitch Engage. During a show Friday, February 9th in Lubbock, the band was performing their song "The End of the Heartache" when Adam decided he was a little parched and wanted to grab a shot of whiskey. Instead of waiting or asking a tech or roadie to grab one, Adam simply left the stage and made his way over to the bar to grab the shot. Fans and even the bartender were shocked to see him at the bar with his wireless guitar, still playing the song! He ordered his shot of whiskey, took the shot, then proceeded to shred the guitar solo of the song. Adam then walked around a little more, messing with the merch guy, took some photos with fans and then made his way back to the stage.

As shocking as this moment was, we've seen this type of behavior before from Adam D. during Killswitch shows. Back in April of last year at Texas Independence Fest, Adam had some fans crowd surf pizza up to the stage for him. Safe to say doesn't matter if Adam is playing or a hundred fans or a hundred thousand, he won't let anything get in the way of a craving for food or beverages.

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