The Metal God is back to impart his questions upon his disciples! In this edition of ‘Rob Halford’s Rapid Fire,’ Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach is in the hot seat.

We transported Jesse Leach to purgatory so he could answer Rob Halford’s questions from the Judas Priest vocalist’s dressing room in Hell! Through an inter-dimensional wormhole, Rob was able to ask Jesse such essential questions as, “What’s the most metal song ever written” and “What’s your favorite Judas Priest album.” Jesse gave excellent answers for both.

Jesse Leach gave much love to Black Sabbath and Metallica during this segment. He even told us about his first performance on the metal stage. Fronting a band called Corrin, Leach opened for Earth Crisis, scaring the crowd due to Corrin being an “interesting” band.

Leach also shares the first metal album he ever bought, his biggest metal vocal influence and much more!

Check out Jesse Leach’s episode of ‘Rob Halford’s Rapid Fire’ in the clip above, and pick up Killswitch Engage's latest album, Incarnate, at iTunes.

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