One company is looking to reward their workers who don't take cigarette breaks during company time by giving them extra vacation days!

Have you ever wondered how much company time a smoker spends taking multiple cigarette breaks during the work day? The amount can add up. Not to mention the frustration no-smoking employees can feel, since they aren't allowed to take the same breaks to go outside and socialize with a cigarette. An average cigarette break takes between five to ten minutes and if a smoker takes more than one cigarette break a day that time can seriously add up. One Japanese marketing firm realized this after a non-smoking smoking employee complained about the number of cigarette breaks and the length of these breaks employees were taking. The company, Piala Inc., is located on the 29th floor of an office building and employees must travel all the way to the bottom floor for their cigarette break. This causes their quick smoke break to take even longer, which irritated the worker.

The CEO of the company agreed and decided to reward his non-smoking employees by giving them the time they would have spent on cigarette breaks as vacation days. A policy was introduced last month that allows non-smoking employees to take an additional six days of vacation, which 25% of the non-smoking staff have already started using. An additional four employees have now quit smoking so they can reap the benefits of the new company policy. Looks like this policy not only benefits the company, but also benefits the employees health too!

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