There are some standard Halloween costumes out there. Superhero, cop, zombie, etc. There was recently a poll done that asked what people thought about you if you're wearing any of the following costumes.

  • A superhero - 42% of people think it means you're athletic.
  • A pop-culture inspired - 44% of people thought this meant you were a really good time.
  • A scary costume - 23% of people thought this also meant you were a really good time and down to party on Halloween.
  • A historical figure - 24% of people felt this meant you were a bookworm.
  • A cop, firefighter, or nurse - 19% of people thought this meant you were the serious one in your group.
  • Having a home made costume - This is where it gets a little weird. Somehow making your own costume means 20% of people think you're the therapist type who listens to your friends problems.
  • Wearing a political costume - You ready for this one? Apparently this means 61% of people relate this to being a big sports fan.

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