Many celebrities have tattoos. Some are tasteful and others are just bizarre. Here are 10 interesting tattoos celebrities are rocking these days.

  • 1

    Dave Navarro

    He has several tattoos, including one dedicated to his ex-wife Carmen Electra on his chest.

    Getty Images/Jordan Strauss
  • 2

    Hayden Panettiere

    Hers is a good example of why you need to double check everything before getting inked. She wanted the Italian phrase “Vivere senza rimpianti which means “Live without regrets”. Unfortunately, the tattoo artist added an extra i so it looks reads, ”Vivere senza rimipianti”.

    Getty Images/David Becker
  • 3

    Dwayne Johnson

    The Rock is said to have traveled all the way to Hawaii to get his Samoan design on his shoulder.
  • 4

    Kat Von D

    Not only is she helping celebrities get the tattoos they want, she has several herself, including several portraits on her legs.

    Getty Images/Christopher Polk
  • 5

    Sylvester Stallone

    The star of Rocky has a portrait of his wife, Jennifer Flavin, on his shoulder surrounded by three roses for his three daughters.
  • 6

    Brad Pitt

    Reportedly, Angelina Jolie was doodling on his back while bored one night and Brad permanently got the design inked on.

    Celebrity Tattoo Design
  • 7


    Pink has several tattoos including one of a barcode on the back of her neck.

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  • 8


    The star of Jackass has a well-known portrait of himself covering most of his back.

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  • 9

    Jessica Alba

    You may or may not have caught it, but she has a bow tattooed on her lower back.

  • 10

    Alyssa Milano

    This actress has a rosary on her back and is said to also have a cross and angel on her ankle with the initials of an ex flame.

    Getty Images/Jason Merritt