They say dress for the job you want not for the job you have. Well, I want the job I have so I think I nailed it. Managing the radio station I grew up listening to and being an on air personality are pretty much a dream come true for me.

The funny thing is, I got into radio by complete accident. I've been doing for 5 years now and I've gotta tell ya, there's a reason not everyone does it. It's an insanely competitive job market. You need to be damn good and driven to get paid to be on air when there's so many people off the streets who are willing to do it for free just because they think it's their doorway to fame and fortune.

News Break: IT'S NOT.

If that's what you're looking for then may I suggest you learn an instrument you've never played, go out to a street corner, and play until you get famous. Real radio DJ's aren't in it hoping to be in TV or become famous. The only ones that last are the ones who simply love radio.

Note, there's a BIG difference in loving music and loving radio. Thinking you know anything about radio because you love music is like thinking you know as much as a mechanic about cars just because you drive one. It's just not the same, and there's so much more to it than most people realize. It's complicated and awesome all at the same time. For me, it's magic and I'm glad to be here.

What's your dream job?

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