I guess I forgot to mention that I'm in the worlds most ridiculous band. What's even more dumb than the ridiculous costumes, is how this even happened.

About a year ago, some friends of mine started playing GTA 5. Not how you'd expect this to start off is it? At some point my friend Dan got drunk and thought it would be hilarious for us to all make our characters look like Colonel Sanders and roll around killing other people in the game. Picture it. You're playing a game minding your own business and suddenly you're surrounded by 8 dudes dressed like Colonel Sanders and they're all shooting at you. You'd be laughing too hard to even fight back. With that, the KFAF was formed (Kentucky Fried A.F.).


I know what you're thinking. Hows that end up being a band? Well...Dan got drunk again. That's how. We were going to a show at Gabby Doo and our friend Cecil was looking for bands to play a show....We weren't a band but Dan didn't see that as a problem. The asshole signed us up for a show with 3 WEEKS NOTICE and half of the guys in this group didn't even play an instrument. So what do you do when you have no musical talent? You do a lot of stupid things in hopes that no one notices half your band can't even play. Thus Los Pollos Frito was born. Last Friday was the day of the show and I think we half ass pulled it off lol.

Shout out to all the real bands who played with us that night. Ese, Flip Cup, Blockheads, Jay Bo, and of course TFRP. Thaks to Cecil for putting all of this on. This is why punk rock is so awesome. You never know what to expect at a show. All this just to honor our friend Neil Holcomb who was possibly the most punk punk that ever punked and one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. R.I.P. buddy. I hope we all did you proud.


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