Ah it's back in my hands at long last. When I first started at the station, this was my stapler but our evil receptionist stole it from me. I kid I kid. She was awesome and unfortunately, she has left us after several years of being there, to be a stay at home mom. Stupid kids, gotta go ruining a good thing! Don't they realize that I have needs too? Geeze!

Fun Fact: Red staplers only exist because of the movie Office Space. It sounds crazy but when that movie was made. That was the only red Swingline in existence. After the movie became a monster hit in the box office, people began looking everywhere for red staplers and eventually Swingline started mass producing them. I always thought that was a pretty cool bit of useless information and now it's YOUR bit of useless information to do with as you so please lol. Aren't you lucky?

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