Rockers and Rednecks is coming up kids and I don’t know about you but I’m ready to party like a rockstar, complete with crowd surfing like a champ and beer drinking like a fish.

When I saw this video,  I knew I had to share it! It reminded me of a local band concert I went to a long, long, long….ok not that long but a long time ago, where I saw a guy crowd surf from the edge of the stage to the front door and back, it was pretty badass but he did it on his back not his feet and he damn sure didn’t catch a flying beer one handed, down it and keep going without skipping a beat.  That guy is a champ but this is West Texas baby and I know we can top that! So what do you think, can we show the rest of the world how its really done?  I’m not saying were going to turn the party goers into a living human conveyor belt but I bet we can turn the night into “viral video” kind of afair  in no time.



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