The holiday season is in full effect in Texas. And we all see it too! Everyone just seems a little bit happier during this time.

Unless we're driving in Central Texas it feels like, then it seems like all bets are off. Which ironically, leads us to the next talking point. Holiday Grinches.

Yes they do exist during the holiday season, and they just have this ability to ruin a moment don't they? They could yell at someone trying to help, or simply be rude to anyone walking around a store.

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While we wish we could say they don't exist in Texas, they are among us. And data shows in Texas that some of us may actually be closer to us than we expect. So let's find where these grinches and make their hearts grow three times their size shall we?

Texas Grinch Data

Unfortunately for us, it looks like the age old adage of "everything is bigger in Texas" rings true for grinches. Texas didn't end up with just one city, three ended up making the top ten! According to FinanceBuzz, San Antonio took the third spot in the grinchiest cities.

Dallas ended up in the seventh spot, and Houston rounded out the top ten at the end. So Texas isn't entirely Grinch green, which is good, but there certainly is room for the holiday spirit to grow.

But one question, how do some of these cities also make the most festive cities in the US?!?

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