I remember spending many a holiday evening with family members piling into a minivan and going to see the Christmas lights at various parks and neighborhoods around town while singing Christmas songs.

While some families continue that tradition, technology has caught up and now there's a Texas based company that can bring the holiday lights to you...or you can just watch them in the sky from from home.

Sky Elements was formed two years ago in North Texas.

Hundreds of drones that belong to Sky Elements, a North Texas company that produces some of the best drone light shows in the country. The company was spun off from a pyrotechnic company, as the emergence of drone light shows started gaining steam across the country and around the world according to WFAA.

Sky Elements will perform more than 30 holiday shows in December alone.

A team of animators spend about 50 hours programming and producing a show and every show is unique. Some have 100 drones and some have 1,000. And the drones are all piloted by one person. Each show lasts about 10 minutes but they are truly unforgettable.

Where Can I Catch A Show?

According to their website, there's several shows upcoming in Texas:

  • Dec. 9th - Mansfield, TX 200 drones preform a Christmas themed show. Best viewing will be from The Lot Downtown 110 S Main St, Mansfield, TX 76063. Flight is 6:00pm.
  • Dec. 17th Grapevine, TX 160 drones preform a Christmas themed show over downtown Grapevine. Flight is at 8:00pm and best viewing will be from Peace Plaza in front of Grapevine Main Station.

There's plans for more shows soon so keep up at their website.

If you want to learn more about Sky Elements including how you can book them for yourself or company visit their website or call 817-286-3400.

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