I'm gonna go ahead and warn you right now so you can't be mad at me. This will be one of the funniest/most disturbing things you see all week. This guy made a football bet with his friends and lost....at least I assume he lost. If this was the prize for winning, I'd hate to see what the loser had to do. This kind of reminds me of my stupid friends. We used to have a rule that if you spilled a beer at one of our houses, you had to throw a dart at a dart board. Each space represented a punishment. One friend had to act like he was possessed in a 7/11 while another one in a priest suit came in and exercised him. Another pair of friends had to have a public light saber battle...with giant dildo's. You get the point. These guys are my kind of people. I posted a link below so you can watch the video.

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