I wrapped up Stranger Things season 2 last night. And it was a struggle, because game 7 of arguable the greatest World Series ever was on. So here's what I did. I had told my girlfriend I want to watch the ending of the game. Basically, bottom of the 9th hits, I'm turning the game on. Either she doesn't remember me saying this, or I wasn't clear enough.

We get to about 20 minutes left in the final episode and I notice that the game is going into the bottom of the 9th. I mention to her that I want to change it over. This doesn't sit well with her. Not to the point she's angry, but if you've seen the final episode of season 2, you know it's pretty intense with about 20 minutes to go. But, I switch it over, the bottom of the 9th goes quickly, and we go back to Stranger Things, happily ever after.

Well, just imagine you just went through a bad break, and you were able to see that your ex was using your Netflix account to binge watch season 2 of Stranger Things. That happened to Samantha Pellerin. And she had a quick, yet devastating message for her ex.

I'd be willing to bet that Netflix got a new user after this.

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