Not enough kids come by and you're stuck with extra Halloween candy? Did your kids already eat enough sweets to ruin their teeth? Turn the extra candy into cash!

How much candy do you allow your kids to eat from their Halloween haul? Chances are, they eat less than they bring home with them after a long night running the streets, grabbing as much sugary sweets that they can.

So what to do with all that leftover loot?

You could let them continue to eat Halloween candy until almost Halloween  next year, steal the candy for yourself and work your way to diabetes, or find a good use for that candy. Not to mention that candy could earn you some quick cash as well. Some dentists, doctors and other various health care providers will buy that extra candy from you by the pound and those sweets go to a good cause too. Operation Gratitude is a nonprofit that sends care packages to military troops overseas. Operation Gratitude has sent over 200,000 packages overseas. There are other candy buy back programs, ike the website started by Dr. Chris Kammer back in 2005 that has seen 1.7 million pounds of candy donated over the years. The site also works with over 10,000 doctors' offices so check the website to see where you can send the candy to a good cause!

All Kool Smiles locations in Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico participate in these programs so grab your extra candy and head over to turn it in!

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