Some of you may remember that I posted last week about a possible scam involvong my garage door because someone showed up to fix it but they weren't from the company I called, didn't leave a bill, business card, nothing...and I didn't know this until the actual guy I called showed up to fix it.

This is what actually happened and it's way crazier than I originally thought it could be. It wasn't a scam at all. It was just a completely insane coincidence. As it turns out, our neighbor exactly 1 block south of us had put in to have his garage door fixed at almost exactly the same time as us. What are the odds that the exact same address number 1 block from us would have the same trouble at the same time? To top it off, the guy he called acidentally got mixed up because our streets cross a few blocks down and he went to our house on the same day my guy was about to show up and he saw our garage and assumed he was at the right place.

What freaked me out was trying to figure out how a random guy I didn;t call, got managed to get my address and knew about my garage door issue. I was thinking this was some kind of new scam or something. How crazy of a coincidence is all of that?

Basically...I'm an idiot lol.

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