The seems pretty cool. I want to go see what it's all about this weekend. The name of the event right off the bat gets my attention for obvious reasons but the concept is even better. Not to mention it's all for a good cause.

From what I gather, a bunch of guys from some Abilene based bands in the 60's got together to put on a show just for fun. They didn't expect it to be a big deal, but it became one fairly quickly and grew from there. 9 years later, here we are. My fiance is going out of town this weekend and I was thinking about going to check this out. It definitely seems worth the 2 hour drive. Besides, I have a few friends over in Abilene who I'm sure will put me up for the night. Not to mention, maybe I can figure out a way to pull off something like this in Midland!

If you wanna quick weekend get away like me, here's all the info on the event and ticket links.


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