Democrat Ramon Romero, of Fort Worth, says that there is voter intimidation happening in North Fort Worth. He is asking the US Justice Department to look into claims he has heard of people showing up Latino senior citizen's houses and grilling them about how they were going to vote. Those six people then told Romero that they were now afraid to vote.

"The people are asking questions about their specific voting habits, namely how and why they voted by mail and then telling them that what they did could possibly have been illegal” said Rep. Romero.

So this is where we're at right now in this election. And more importantly, here in Texas. We have people saying their votes were being changed from Trump to Clinton. Which election officials have said was user error. And now we have voter intimidation. Albeit only 6 reported cases.

Can we fast forward a week? A year? Or better yet, let's just fast forward 4 to 8 years.

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