The website allows you to search things from houses where murders took place, houses that are haunted, etc. According to the websites FAQ:

"Housecreep is a Canadian based company founded by Albert and Robert Armieri. Our website, which launched in the spring of 2013, began making headlines across North America in just under a year, and has been steadily growing ever since."

All their information is crowdsourced. So members share articles, personal accounts, pictures and such with information for the website. So far they have a log of over 25,000 properties.

I wasn't able to find much information in West Texas on the site, so you know what that means. We need to start feeding the website info. Lord knows we have to have enough places with a dark history in West Texas. If anything, there needs to be full on ghost towns on the map. Oh, and most likely some meth raids or some kind of