Everyone loves a good Rickroll....it's even better when it involves Rick Astley himself!

Not only does the internet love a good Rickroll, but Dave Grohl and the Fighters of Foo seem to be big fans as well. We've seen the band Rickroll some Westboro Baptist Church members in the past and it looks like the band now gave us one of the most epic Rickrolls ever. During the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, the Foo Fighters were in the middle of their set when they decided to bring out a special guest on the stage. Next thing the audience knew, fellow festival performer Rick Astley came on the stage. What happened next was an internet gold coming to real life.

There are several music mash-ups on the internet, including the epic Nirvana and Rick Astley one from around 2009. At Summer Sonic Festival, Foo Fighters and Astley brought the video to life with this amazing performance. Pretty good for not practicing and only meeting a couple minutes before they went onstage. Not only did the music from the band sound great, I was shocked at how Astley's voice hasn't changed thought the years. Just as great as it did when his song first came out. They should make a real version of this, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Check out their performance above.

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