Five Finger Death Punch are back at full strength! The band returned to the road Saturday night (Aug. 19), with Ivan Moody reclaiming his spot onstage as the singer for the band at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, Ill.

The Five Finger Death Punch U.K. Knuckleheads fanpage has posted a compilation of videos from the concert, ranging from some of the backstage activities beforehand to actual performances of Moody onstage with the band in the video above. Meanwhile, FFDP production coordinator Corey W. also posted snippets from the show on his Instagram, which can be seen and heard below.

The performance opened with Five Finger Death Punch playing "Lift Me Up," and it was a hits-filled set including "Wash It All Away," "Got Your Six," "Bad Company," "Jekyll and Hyde," "Wrong Side of Heaven," "Coming Down," "Over and Under It" and "The Bleeding" among other favorites.

Meanwhile, Five Finger Death Punch posted a photo on their social media in which Moody offered the quote, "I told ya ... ain't my last dance." See that posting below.

Back in June, Moody took the stage two songs into the band's performance in the Netherlands and the chaotic and shortened set was capped by Moody telling the crowd that it was his last show with the band. Moody later issued a statement that he was "embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I have fallen off the wagon again." He exited the group to continue treatment for his battle with sobriety. Five Finger Death Punch vowed to continue performing and did so with Tommy Vext filling in, helping them complete their European tour dates.

With Moody back in the fold, Five Finger Death Punch will continue their touring tonight (Aug. 20) headlining the Moonstock Festival in Carterville, Ill. See the band's upcoming stops here.

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