P.O.D. have always brought some outside influence to their rocking sound, and that continues with the band dabbling with some reggae and dub influences working their way into the new song "Soundboy Killa," while maintaining their heaviness.

"DJ Selecta / Soundboy killa / I'm fully loaded on this microphone / One shot to the dome / I sit back in the cut and let your mind get blown / DJ Selecta / Soundboy killa / I'm fully loaded on this microphone / Composition of words, lyrics and hollow point tips / Load the clip," sings Sonny Sandoval in the track's chorus.

Sandoval told Alternative Press, who debuted the lyric video, “Rock 'n roll has become entertainment that just says what the consumer wants to hear. There's no more edge or rebellion that sets it apart from the norm. We choose to be us and write songs that we love playing rather than trying to keep up with trends or what's hot on the scene. Lyrically, it's a take off some of the old hip hop and reggae classics that I love. 'Soundboy Killa' is classic P.O.D. guitar riff power, headbanging groove with the lyrical attitude and edge missing in today's music."

At present, "Soundboy Killa" is a standalone track, with the band last releasing a full album with 2015's The Awakening. The group intends to release the track for purchase on Sept. 8.

P.O.D. will headline the "Soundboy Killaz" tour this fall, with Alien Ant Farm, Powerflo and Fire From the Gods all joining in the trek. After a stateside run next month, the trek continues in South American in October. See dates and details here.

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