Sometimes it can be hard to get an accurate count of missing persons here in west Texas so if I'm missing names please let me know. From what can be found online this area of Texas has three outstanding missing persons cases for the month of February.

Born the day after Christmas in 1960, Kristy Lynne Booth went missing from Midland 2/2/1980. She was last seen at Dimensions night club on the 400 block of Air Park Lane.  She had been there with friends. A male friend of hers, Ron Ferrengburg dropper her off at the club and left in her vehicle for what is thought to have been drugs.  She left her purse, coat and shoes behind. With the weather being as cold as it was it is unlikely she left on her own. If she went outside willingly she had to of fully intended to return.  Ron was a suspect right from the start in Kristy's disappearance but passed a polygraph. He has since passed away so the details surrounding the night she went missing are scarce. Booth's vehicle was located abandoned approximately one to one and a half miles south of Highway 20 on SH 349 (Rankin Highway) on February 4, two days after she was last seen. It had been driven 268 miles that could not be accounted for. That information is known because her vehicle had just been picked up from a mechanic shop.

Jeffrey Wayne Braziel was a disabled man who went missing 2/28/2006. Braziel was last seen in the area of Lee and Illinois in Midland, Texas on February 28, 2006. He has never been heard from again.

Braziel was not reported missing until March 13, nearly two weeks after his disappearance. He may be in El Paso, Texas. Few details are available in his case.

Maegan Janean Hembree Hembree was last seen in Smyer, Texas at 6:30 p.m. on February 26, 2013. She left in her red two-door 1999 Saturn with the New Mexico license plate number KJB142 to drive to a friend's house in Lubbock, Texas, but never arrived. The last time her cellular phone was used was a few hours after she was last seen. She has never been heard from again.

Three days later, authorities found Michael Todd Ramsey in possession of her car. Hembree had known Ramsey for a couple of months prior to her disappearance and he was the last person known to have been with her. A photo of him is posted with this case summary.

Ramsey is a person of interest in Hembree's disappearance. He has a prior criminal record, but not for violent offenses, and he was incarcerated on unrelated charges after she went missing.

This and more information on missing persons in the US can be found at The Charley Project.

If you or anyone you know has any information on any of the missing persons cases listed about please you can contact the Missing Persons Clearinghouse at:

Missing Persons Clearinghouse
Texas Department of Public Safety

P O Box 4087
Austin, Texas 78773-0422
Phone: (512) 424-5074
Helpline: (800) 346-3243




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