He's the second-winningest pitcher from Mexico behind Fernando Valenzuela, but unfortunately he'll now be known as the former all-star pitcher who was caught with 44 pounds of cocaine.

Esteban Loaiza had a 13 year career that covered 8 different Major League teams, including the Rangers, Yankees, and Dodgers. He was a two time All Star and even lead the AL in strike outs in 2003.

Loaiza, however, will now go down as one of the sad stories of "what happened to that guy?"

Loaiza was stopped for a minor traffic violation and when police searched his car, theyfound a sophisticated compartment to hide contraband. This allowed the police to get a search warrant for his home, where they found over 44 pounds of cocaine. He is being held for lack of $200,000 bond, pending a court appearance Wednesday.

Run ins with the law are nothing new for Loaiza as he was busted doing 120 mph in his Ferrari back in 2006.

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