I've let it be known I'm not a fan of figure skating. It bores me to tears. But I do understand that it's a staple of the Winter Olympics. I grew up in Oregon right in the middle of the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan feud.

On a quick side note, how the Hell was Hollywood applauding Tonya Harding the way the did at the Oscars? An Oscars that was all about women, the #timesup, and #metoo movement. Seriously, they all just proved their heads are so far up their own asses, it's amazing they are able to even make movies.

But anyway, figure skating. Sport. Winter Olympics. It's a thing. And I ended up watching some of it because, well, I live with a fiancee and a 6 year old. That's a losing battle.

What I saw though was something amazing. They were showing the team figure skating and this one Russian (or Olympic Athlete From Russia) absolutely handed everyone else their own asses.

Our broadcast was talking about how good Mirai Nagasu from the United States is, and how great the triple axle she landed was.

Nagasu scored 137.53. Then Canadian Gabby Daleman was in a close second with her score of 137.14. Things are looking pretty good to Nagasu and the US. Then Alina Zagitova performed, and she didn't just score better than everyone else. She mopped the floor with everyone else, posting a score of 158.03.

She didn't win gold because this was part of the team competition, but I'm thinking she'll be the favorite for gold when they get to the individual stuff. Oh, and by the way... she's FIFTEEN! So she'll probably be the favorite for a long time to come.

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