If you live in the Permian Basin, there's a really good chance that you've developed some sort of road rage. To be honest, it's hard not to. So many people here drive with complete disreguard for anyone and everyone else on the road. I've complied a list of driving behaviors that I see here often that really just get under my skin.

5. Last Second Exits: Dude, it's really not a big deal to just go to the next exit and use the U Turn lane. You're the one who didn't think ahead. Don't be a douche to everyone else just because you blanked out while driving.

4. Waiting Last Too Long to Merge: I know you saw the 20 signs saying the lane was about to end. Stop trying to rush up to the front of the long line of cars who had the sense and courtesy to merge and wait their turn. We all have somewhere to go.

3. People Who Get Mad at You Even Though They're at Fault: If you do something that you know was discourteous in traffic, you have no right to get mad when someone gives you the finger. You know you deserved it. Take it like an adult and go on with your day.

2. People Who Casually Drive in the Passing Lane: It's the PASSING lane. It's not the "I'm doing over the speed limit" lane. It's not the "I feel safer in this lane" lane. It's the passing lane. It really is that simple. If you aren't actively passing someone, GET THE HELL OVER TO THE RIGHT!

1. People Who Pull Out in Front of You Then Drive Slow: We are all guilty of everything on this list from time to time but this one is unexcusable. You're in such a hurry you had to pull out in front of me...I get it. We all get in a hurry, but now for some reason you aren't in a hurry now that you made me slam on my brakes and my laptop that was in my passanger seat is now in the floor. May all your tires go flat at different times all within a month of eachother. Seriously, I hate you with all my being lol.

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