Because sometimes you're not in the mood to prepare a feast. Or you burned the turkey. Either way, here are other places open on Turkey day. Thanksgiving is a time for family and good food, but not everyone is able to be home for the holidays. Over the past few years, I've spent my Thanksgiving in other cities or travelling and haven't been home for the big meal. When these moments pop up, it's good to know places where you can go and enjoy a good meal even on a holiday. Or even better, if you have a feeling that your family is going to end up blowing up instead of deep frying the turkey, you may want a back-up. So no matter if you live in El Paso, Abilene or San Angelo, here are some places you can grab a meal on Turkey day.

NOTE: Some fast food locations will be open including McDonald's, Jimmy Johns, Starbucks and others. Check with all locations to find their specific times. Many businesses say hours vary by location.


Buffalo Wild Wings
Cracker Barrel
Golden Corral
Lucy's Big Burgers

San Angelo-

Dunbar East
China Garden
Peppercorn Grill
Miss Hattie's
Kenny Blanek's
Golden Corral
Bo Bo's
Roxie's Diner

El Paso-

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Cracker Barrel
Cafe Central
Romano's Macaroni Grill
Village Inn
Lucky Cafe
Jalisco Cafe
Golden Corral