Mother's Day is less than 10 days away. Can you believe it? I swear it was just lovers day (Valentine's Day) last week. It seems that way anyway, time flies when you're having fun. So as I mentioned before, Mother's Day, have you thought about what you are getting mom this year? Or are you getting mom anything at all?

I had a conversation with a male friend of mine a few years back and I was just reminded of our conversation. It was around this time of year and I asked him if he spent more money on his mother or his baby momma (wife) on Mother's Day?

His response was shocking! He informed me that since he got married, his wife made it clear that since she is now the mother of his children, he only needs to spoil her on Mother's Day, not his own mother! She said when he was young and before he married and started having children of his own that was fine but now it's a new day.

I'm sure he saw the look of surprise on my face. I mean I'm pretty sure my jaw was touching the floor. I tried to set him straight and tell him that he 100 needs to take care of momma as long as he can, she won't be around forever and he will wish that he had.

He surprisingly felt strongly that baby momma was #1 and his mother is actually ok with the whole thing. I told him of course she tells you that but deep down it has to hurt. I think momma doesn't want to rock the boat between he and wifey and I get it, but at the very least I strongly urged him to take mom to dinner and give her a beautiful card letting her know how much she means to him. That is truly all any mother wants, take it from a mom of 3, a card will suffice but nothing IMO is unacceptable.

Thoughts? Do you do something for your mother and baby momma or just one or the other? Maybe I'm the crazy one for thinking it should be both?

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