I told my little one that National Take Your Kids To Work Day was coming up and her response was, what is that? I explained how it is a day for littles to go to work with mom or dad and see what it is they do for a living? She immediately said, 'no thank you that would be boring.' Excuse you? Do you know who your mother is? Do you know what I do? lol Yes, I was offended by my 8-year-old!

Clearly, she is not as impressed as other people's kids are about what I do for a living. She loves music as much as I do but the idea of sitting and talking on the radio for 4 hours doing a morning show is not impressive.

I suppose listening to it ON the radio inside of a car on her way to school is way cooler? Today is National Take Your Kids to Work Day and according to thebalancecareers.com, here is a list of jobs that kids say they want when they grow up. I want to be a....when I grow up! I believe when I was my kid's age, I said I wanted to be a teacher. We see how that worked out. Question? If any of these top picks on the list are your career, can I send my kid to work with you?

  • dancer
  • actor
  • musician (I PLAY music, does that count?)
  • teacher
  • scientist
  • athlete
  • firefighter
  • detective
  • writer
  • police officer
  • astronaut
  • pilot
  • veterinarian
  • lawyer
  • doctor

Apparently my job is now near as cool as the various jobs I just listed. Also for a little 8 year old girl if you ask she would tell you she either wants to be a dancer or a princess when she grows up so there's that. All I have to say to that is you do you baby girl, you can be anything you want to be!

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