It's my first day on the air  on KBAT.

...or is it? Truth be told, my first radio gig was on KBAT several years ago. Since then a lot has happened. I was a DJ on one of our sister stations for 4 yeas. I began managing a non profit radio station. Oh, and I got engaged to our very own beautiful Tawny the Rock Chick.

I'm just glad to be back on the station that started all for me. KBAT literally changed my life. I love this station with all my heart. When I was a kid I remember cruising in my mom's old Camero listening to KBAT. I remember the flight at midlight. Most of all, I remember recording almost every single Mandatory Metallica on cassette at 10pm when I was 16. This station is in my blood. It's only fitting that I should call it home. Thank you guys for listening and I look forward to interacting with you guys for years to come.

I bet you can't guess who I used to be on KBAT...

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