Dana Harvey made his grand return as the beloved Saturday Night Live "Church Lady" on November 5.

Wearing the character's signature wig, Carvey appeared in a segment of "Weekend Update," where the Church Lady weighed in on all manner of modern political sin: Anthony Weiner, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

When asked by co-host Colin Jost about Church Lady's thoughts on the current election, she quipped, "Do we vote for a bitter, female android from the '90s? Or a riverboat gambler with a big tummy and an orange head?"

As for who she'd be voting for? "Jesus is not on the ballot, Colin..I suppose you're going to write in your favorite candidate: Satan!"

And if you're wondering what Church Lady watches on TV when she's not busy spewing her brand of righteousness on SNL, that would be HBO's Westworld.


"What's not to like? A land of naked cowboy robots fornicating. They should have called it West…Hollywood," she shared.

Watch above.

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