Antarctica is a cold, brutal place—least of all due to its vast and endless swathes of glacial ice. No, Antarctica is cold because it is where love has gone to unequivocally die, once and for all.

A video of an epic, nasty brawl between a penguin—a creature famous for its typically monogamous behavior in the animal kingdom—and his cheating mate's lover has gone viral across social media. The clip, "Homewrecking Penguin," is part of National Geographic Wild's "Animal Fight Night" series, and shows the heartbreaking—though admittedly relatable—struggle for one lovelorn penguin husband's fight to keep his wife's love after he returns home to their roost to find her with another man... uh, penguin.

The domestic dispute, as bloody and dramatic as it becomes, unfortunately does not have a happy ending for Husband Penguin, who sadly fails to defend his home and win back the heart of Wife Penguin who, as the narrator so hilariously and coldly declares, "has no time for losers."

Watch the drama unfurl below.

(Warning: Animal-on-animal violence and graphic, bloody images may be distressing for some viewers.)