The press releases from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are my favorite things to read. Not because I'm big into hunting but because the Game Wardens' reports are so funny! They're informative, too. I can now converse semi-coherently about topics like Boone-Crockett scores, bag limits and deer stands.

Here's a summary of today's Texas Parks and Wildlife report:

  • In Morris County, three guys on a boat were cited because they only had 1 life-jacket on board, not the one-per-person required by law.
  • A Bowie County Warden cited some fishermen for using "an illegal fish shocking device" to catch fish. And, also for having meth.
  • Hunters were caught with two wood duck stashed behind their duck blind.
  • Buzz learns that "wood duck" doesn't refer to ducks actually made out of wood.

Here's the video of today's' TPWD report.

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