In recent years, we've seen an influx of rock and metal bands adding to their merchandising with specialty holiday sweaters. Now, one of the most iconic metal acts is getting in on the act, bringing their well-known imagery to clothing. Get ready for the Iron Maiden sweater and scarf.

The Maiden sweater, which can be viewed below, features the band's famous mascot Eddie surrounded by images of the devil, the number 666, chain links and axes. Eddie also appears on the sleeves of the sweater, while the back replaces Eddie with the familiar red-lettered Iron Maiden logo.

There is also an Iron Maiden scarf, seen below, that you can purchase to help get you through the colder months. Like the sweater, the scarf includes the Iron Maiden red-lettered logo around the neck wrap area, with the chain links, axe, 666 and Eddies toward the bottom of the hanging fray.

The officially licensed sweater and scarf are both available through Middle of Beyond. You can get your scarf for $39.99 at this location. As for the sweater, it's available in sizes from extra small to 3XL and retails for $84.99. Purchases can be made here.

So get a jump on your holiday shopping and pick up a sweater or scarf for the Iron Maiden lover in your family!

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