There's been yet another in the disturbing string of clown-sightings that have terrified America recently. Several radio station employees report being frightened and intimidated by a person dressed as a clown.

According to some of the shaken witnesses, the worst part of the clown attack was when they thought it has ended. One female office worker stated, on the condition of anonymity, "The clown was bad enough. But, when he turned to leave my office, I could see that his clown suit wasn't fastened in the back. I could see his butt crack. That was what will haunt me."

"Deeply disturbing", said another employee. "I have a real phobia of clowns. But I'd take a hundred clowns over ever seeing that crack again".

We actually have some video footage of the clown attacks. Trigger warning: if you might be offended by blurred and non-blurred butt  crack, you may want to skip this particular video.