I started to get into the spirit of Halloween a couple weeks ago with a marathon of Scream 2, From Dusk Til Dawn and Event Horizon. I continued it last weekend with a bunch of Treehouse of Horrors. But there are some essential movies that actually take place on Halloween that need to be watched. Here ya go, in no particular order:

  • Halloween - You can watch the original, or Rob Zombie's remake, whichever you feel so inclined to watch. Or maybe there are some in the series that you haven't even seen. Go ahead and give those a shot.
  • Trick R Treat - I LOVE this movie. This has become about as essential for me to watch every year, just like Boondock Saints is on St. Patrick's Day. It's 4 separate story lines that take place on Halloween night in Warren Valley, Ohio.
  • Idle Hands - I don't think this movie gets enough credit it deserves. And honestly it's well worth watching just to see Jessica Alba in her Halloween costume.