Halloween is my favorite time of year. It’s one of my favorite holidays as most people who know me are aware.

Never has it been more apparent than in the last few days however just how much I love Halloween.


I recently moved into a new house and to be honest if you were in my house right now you’d think I literally moved in today, well aside from the massive amounts of holiday décor I have somehow managed to take precedence over unpacking and putting up actual house stuff. My priority became the Halloween decorations from the moment I realized we’d be moving in right before October. There are literally boxes upon boxes of household items stacked up in my storage shed that I’ve decided aren’t near as important as the giant spider in the front yard or the billions of feet of spider webs that need to go up before Friday.


It’s amazing to me how complacent I’ve become but then again not really…I mean if I could leave all the Halloween stuff up all year there’s a good chance I would.


The only bad part about the whole season is that when it’s time to take everything down to put it away I’m left with almost 20 huge tubs of stuff I don’t get to look at again for whole year.


Note to self, stop buying Halloween stuff!